Our Parish Clergy and Servants

Wengelawi Arraya Selassie - JW Ruff

"Brother Arraya" (Evangelist - 'Wengelawi') is a Founding member of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in the United States of America baptized and christmated in 1962 with his entire family at Holy Trinity Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Harlem NY by Abba Degue and is now the  1st African American monk tonsured in the United States in April 2012 in Holy Trinity Ethiopian Orthodox Church now in Bronx New York by HE Abuna Zakarias Archbishop of New York and NE United States. 

May God bless him with long life of peace and grace in the ,Lord.
Abba Arraya Selassie - J W Ruff

First priest-in-charge

V.Rev. Fr. Zewdineh Absalom
"LekeKahanot Zewdineh"

Current priest-in-charge
Rev. Fr. Amde Tsion - Durden
"Kesis Amde Tsion"
First deacon to serve:

Leke Deacon GabreYesews Tesfaye


Current Deacon
Deacon Kinfe Mika'el - Little

Current Deacon
Deacon Welde Mariyam - Holley

Current Deacon
Deacon Melake Igziabeher - Williams
Reader Tewelde Yesews - Williams

(Sunday School Director)
Astemari Keristos Semera - Mashama